Vina Senjković is a small family winery from Nerežišća, a small village right in the center of Brač island. Brač is renowned for its white stone which built many famous buildings, including the White House. Stone is abundant in Senjković’s vineyards. They are situated at high altitudes (380 m) and that’s probably the reason why their wines are so fresh and floral. We visited them and tried the best rosé at Dalmacija Wine Expo (Plavac Mali, Cab), elegant and simple red Bročko Rič (Plavac Mali) and more complex and captivating Bosso 2009 (Plavac Mali, Cab). Their time is yet to come!


  • Murvica, island Brač
  • Tel: 021 631 562

Hrvoje Baković is one of the most talented small winemakers of Dalmatia, but its very hard to find his wines on the market due to the small production amount. The noteable labels in the basement, Plavac Murvica Bakovic, in good vintages equally cope with the finest specimens of Plavac Dingač of the southern island Hvar..


  • Bračka cesta 13, 21420 Bol, island Brač
  • Tel: 021 635 120

Definitely the most beautiful wineries in Croatia. Situated in a beautiful old building in the center of Bol, in which the winery operates more than a century. Wines appeared on the market in 2010 and immediately jumped to the top of white and red wines of Dalmatia.While the white wine is produced of posip, and of black pumice with a small position Murvica. It is open to visitors, with a tasting at the winery and direct purchase.